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On the Right Path

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2020 – Ongoing

NBA Coach Brett Gunning, award-winning author Stacy Padula, and illustrator Maddy Moore have teamed up to create the On The Right Path (OTRP) book series. OTRP is also a non-profit organization created by Brett Gunning to guide youth basketball players on the right path to achieving their maximum potential through education, mentorship, and skill development. The core principles of OTRP are guidance, inspiration, and creativity. The book series focuses on six life-skill pillars: Loving Others, Being Unselfish, Staying Healthy & Strong, Showing Respect, Showing Forgiveness, and Having Fun. Buy the book and support the authors HERE.

The Cloud Maker

Writer and Illustrator • 2012 – 2020

In the beginning, Father Time gave his three children a world to care for. When a violent feud breaks out between the siblings, it unleashes chaos upon the world that they had once sworn to protect. With the Gods at war, the people soon followed. After centuries of blood and warfare, the world is dying. In a desperate attempt to save what is left of their world, three companions must overcome their people’s bloody histories and pull together. Join Ari, Kira, and Fen on their epic journey across Asteryn to reach the Gods and save what is left their world, before everyone’s time runs out.

The Cloud Maker comic saga is a full-color, fantasy webcomic series avaiable to read in its entirety on the comic’s website, Webtoon, and DeviantART.

Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2021

At the Wolf Conservation Center, while the workers are worried about the endangered species of Mexican Gray Wolves, two wolves who live there just want a pup of their own. Sadly, there are no puppies yet, and everyone has begun to give up hope.

Based on true events surrounding the miraculous birth of one wolf pup at the Wolf Conservation Center, “Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup” will fill your whole family with hope, while starting a conversation with your kids about the importance of saving endangered species. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

The Colors Inside of Me

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2020 – 2021

Panda is excited for a new art project, but he gets discouraged when it has to do with finding his inner beauty. With some help from his teacher and classmates, he realizes the colors he thought were missing were inside of him all along. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

Parents will love The Colors Inside Of Me by AmyLee Westervelt, which is not only vibrantly illustrated, but also a wonderful story about self-acceptance and inner-beauty. It is sure to become a household favorite!” – Stacy Padula, award-winning and best-selling author of On The Right Path and Gripped

The Spooks Who Spooked Halloween

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2021

Read along with this delightfully frightful poem that children of all ages will appreciate. Kids will feel brave in the face of silly monsters who all want different amounts of candy. Parents will enjoy the lessons in subtraction as kids keep track of how much candy will be left by the end of Halloween night! Buy the book and support the author HERE.

The Baby Cow

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2021

This humorous, educational, and beautifully illustrated collection of poetry by Jenna Feitelberg includes the following poems: The Puppy, Monster in the Closet, Baby Sister, The Baby Cow, Blueberry, The Tree, and Swing from the Moon. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

“Parents will love The Baby Cow & Other Childrens Poems by Jenna Feitelberg, which not only entertains readers but also teaches children the importance of accepting others.” – Stacy Padula, award-winning and best-selling author of On The Right Path, Gripped, and Montgomery Lake High.

The Gripped Series

Cover Illustrator • 2020 – 2021

In high school, Taylor Dunkin broke more records than any other athlete to step foot in Montgomery, Massachusetts. However, his aspirations came to a jarring halt when a knee injury and two surgeries left him sidelined. One year later, Taylor is a person of interest in a highly confidential investigation headed by the Boston Police Department. When Taylor’s younger brother Marc discovers that Taylor is behind the copious drug supply circulating around Montgomery Lake High School, he sets off to not only reverse the damage Taylor has caused, but also save his lifelong role model from becoming a casualty of America’s deadly opioid epidemic. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

The Crash

Cover Illustrator • 2021

Phybe has always known a life of peace. After World War III, she and her family are cared for by the United Lands Government Organization (ULGO). When Phybe’s brother Merek comes home from officer training, Phybe perceives trouble on the horizon. That trouble comes crashing down sooner than she expects, taking the perfectly structured world she knows with it. Meanwhile, Taelor has spent most of his life trying to keep his younger brother and sister safe as they live among ULGO outcasts known as Variables. When Taelor’s sister is taken by service workers, he and his brother must embark on a mission to rescue her. Fighting to be reunited with the ones they love, Phybe and Taelor band up with a group of rebels intent on gaining freedom from their corrupt government. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

Carbon Neutral

Cover Illustrator • 2020

After a successful space mission on a fleet of Star Ships, Earth’s best and brightest minds return to find their planet ravaged by a viral catastrophe. Without leadership or direction, the loosely reorganized United Nations Stellar Commission (UNSC) sits in a state of stagnation. The newly appointed commissioners of the UNSC must decide whether or not to risk the four functional Star Ships that remain in the hope of discovering another inhabitable planet. What they don’t realize is that there are other forces at work, gathering power on Earth and, possibly, in the skies. When the travelers encounter a powerful being who cannot recall his past, they discover that helping each other might open just the right doors for everyone. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

Here’s Why you Can’t Find Love

Cover Illustrator • 2020

Ted Santos is a coach and an advisor. Whether it is coaching CEOs of midsize to large companies looking to create a breakthrough or advising individuals on how to have successful partnerships, he uses his understanding of human behavior. To share this knowledge with the world, he has written a book on a subject every person can relate to: relationships. Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love will help you discover counter-intuitive approaches to creating interpersonal breakthroughs in love, work, and play. Buy the book and support the author HERE.

The Adventures of Hawt Flash & Solara

Cover and Interior Illustrator • 2019 – 2020

Superheroes aren’t always in their 20s. When “the change of life” gives besties Chris and Jade unexpected super powers, they decide to harness their gifts for the forces of good. Taking on new identities, Hawt Flash and Solara partner with the “Friends of Justice,” a real-life tribe of testy millennial superheroes who protect the streets of San Francisco. At first, the Friends focus on petty crime and helping the homeless. But little do the midlife newbies know that they are about to face a deadly challenge: the nightmarish plot of a demented chemist with a grudge to settle. Buy the book and support the authors HERE.

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